Travel Planning Tips For Taking A Cruise

When it comes to going on a cruise it is important to ensure that you take all your important information with you as well as all of your necessary times otherwise you will be suffering when you are out to sea! So, consider these travel planning tips before you head off on your cruise and you will more than likely have the time of your life!

First of all, you want to make sure you have the best luggage to take with you and that would of course be Samsonite luggage. When you have outstanding luggage you won’t be concerned with the zippers breaking and all your clothes falling out or anything of the sort. That is a relief in itself and you will know that your clothes and personal effects are all packed away in a safe piece of luggage. Some things you might want to pack in your Samsonite spinner include Dramamine in case you get sea sick and many people do on cruises. That is especially so if there is a bad storm. Don’t forget to pack several different levels of sunscreen either. When you are on the boat you will realize that the sun is reflecting off the water and you can get burnt easier. Be sure you pack plenty of swimsuits as well because it will be easier to just put on a new suit than wash the same one out time and time again. Sunglasses and/or a hat are also incredibly important especially if you have sensitive eyes. Don’t forget your passport or birth certificate either or you won’t ever make it on the cruise!

Once you are packed you will be all ready to go. However, you should go over some last minute details to determine if there is anything else you need. Check the forecasted weather for the week in the destinations you will be heading to. This can give you some much needed information regarding what else to pack. Perhaps a rain coat for storms, binoculars for whale watching, or perhaps your snorkel. Knowing the weather will help you decide what kind of activities to plan and pack for.

You may be an excellent trip planner and you may not be. However, the tips offered here are great reminders that will help you plan and pack for your cruise.

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Tips For Healthy Travel

Whether traveling for business or pleasure, by plane or family car, there are things travelers can do to increase their chances of staying healthy on the road. Don’t let travel be the excuse for slacking off on regular exercise or choosing unhealthy eating options. Following a few sensible suggestions will help travelers reduce their stress level, avoid illnesses, and enjoy the trip more.

Try to eat smart and maintain a balanced diet when traveling. Many travelers succumb to the temptation of fast food stops because it seems more convenient. Try to avoid high calorie, high fat foods. Fried foods and super size portions add more calories than many people consume in their regular diet. Add to that hours of inactivity while sitting in a car or plane, and it’s no wonder our digestive systems feel sluggish. If fast food is the only option, try a salad. Plan ahead and pack healthy snacks such as fresh fruits and vegetables. Remember to stay hydrated. Most people don’t drink enough water when traveling, and water helps the body flush toxins. Avoid alcohol and caffeine on long plane flights.

Try to stay active and keep moving. Travelers can develop blood clots from sitting too long. Take a rest stop every couple of hours and walk around a bit. On long plane flights, move around in the aisle or walk to the lavatory. Book a hotel that offers fitness facilities or a pool. Then make time in your schedule for some exercise. Explore your destination by taking a walk. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Exercise in the hotel room by pulling up a fitness video on your laptop. Exercise reduces stress and often helps us sleep better.

Many of us don’t get the rest we should when traveling. Sleep deprivation can lead to irritability, headaches, and digestive problems. Try to maintain your regular sleeping schedule as much as possible, and get at least six hours of sleep each night. If traveling by car, take a short rest when not driving. Bringing a pillow from home can help make things more comfortable.
Wash hands often with soap and water when traveling. Hand sanitizer is a good option if washing is not possible. However, sanitizers don’t always work against viruses. Disinfecting wipes can come in handy for cleaning germs off surfaces like door handles and faucets. Try to keep hands away from the eyes, nose, and mouth. Taking a multivitamin or vitamin C each day can help boost the immune system and fight off illness.

Tips on How to Avoid Vacation and Travel Mistakes

You’ve been looking forward to your vacation all year long, you’ve planned everything that you will be doing, and everyone is excited, then you mess up something and the whole vacation’s ruined. Sounds familiar? That’s because a lot of people make vacation mistakes all the time.

So it is important that you make sure that you stay clear from all those vacation mistakes. That’s not just for the sake of your family’s happiness but for the sake of your wallet as well. Mistakes can make your vacation more expensive, and when I say more expensive, I really mean that.

So for your benefit, here are ways that you can avoid travel mistakes:

• You should be flexible with your traveling plans right from the start. If you set things where you can only travel during weekends then that might put you at the mercy of the airlines and hotels. They will be charging you more when you travel at the same time that other people do.

• Flexibility means that you can leave when you want to and decide to stay if it suits you. This can be hard to achieve though, but the rewards for it are substantial.

• Try to go for package deals because you will get so much more out of your money from them. Booking separately for hotels and car rentals might give you more privacy and comfort but it is not the most cost efficient way of doing things. You have a choice in this matter.

• Discounts are offered to different groups to which you might belong. Government employees are also entitled to some discounts, so you should ask all the time. That’s not something to be embarrassed about.

• Use your frequent flyer miles in a wise way. Don’t just use it up the first chance that you get. It would be better to use them up for the more expensive flights going to other countries.

• Simple things like a free breakfast or free Wi-Fi service in your hotel accommodations might sound simple, but when you add up the cost of those things when you have to pay for them, they can be quite an amount. So pick a hotel that offers a lot of freebies.

• Overweight luggage can cost quite a bit and if everybody in the family is guilty of it, then there goes a huge portion of your vacation money down the drain. “Pack light and be ready,” should be your motto during your vacation.

• Pick larger airports that would have lower fares for travelers. Sometimes going the extra mile could go a long way in getting the kind of service that you want.

• The good thing is that there are so many destinations to choose from, but in order to make the most out of a limited vacation time, pick a place that offers most of everything. A place like the Oregon Coast for example would be a wise choice because it offers something for everyone.

These are just some of the things that you should know in order to avoid vacation mistakes.